Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've become a fashion victim

Lord help me.

I bought jeggings. Yes, jean leggings.

I never thought this would happen... but I love them. Oh my god they are so comfortable.

Judge away. I almost can't stand myself.


  1. are those jeggings.. or leggings with stirrups up there? jeggings aren't half bad considering they look just like skinny jeans and i admit to liking them too. I will only judge you if you are wearing leggings with stirrups.

  2. the ones i have are the same as above. they have stirrups so i can shove them into boots without scrunching them into socks all the time. and you can tuck the stirrups in and they disappear! i swear.

  3. right. riiiight. bring em to chicago and i'll be the judge of that.

  4. haha! i think they would look good on you. :)