Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If the shoe fits...

Recently I had a small mini-revelation. I was reading a friend's blog and she was discussing some recent wardrobe addition she had made, and then said something like: "but even though it's a little loose in the hips, I get all my clothing altered anyway so..."

HOLD THE PHONE! Really? Really.

This friend of mine, who always fits so beautifully in everything that she wears, gets almost everything TAILORED. She told me: her chest is large but her torso is short and her waist is small, so everything she buys that fits in the bust is too big everywhere else. And all this time I just thought she was a super shopper that happened to somehow find a magical clothing store where everything was just her size.

Now, given that this isn't necessarily the cheapest way to shop, it does however open up a whole new universe for me. Because hardly anything ever fits me perfectly, but for some reason I only ever thought of tailors as being there to fix a ripped seam, or bring up a hem. Today I dropped off this beauty:

I love the fabric (lightweight jersey) but wasn't loving the super billowy (almost maternity-dress-y) cut... so I'm having it hemmed and taken in, and restitched to be a little less ruched below the bust, and since I bought it on super sale it's like getting a dress that perfectly fits me for the price of a regularly priced piece! I love it. And I've finally found a tailor I like (who knows how to do a REAL original hem on a pair of jeans) so I trust them with stuff like this.

I mean, really: how many pieces do you have in your closet that you really like, but that you never wear because it doesn't quite fit? Our body is perfectly fine shaped exactly the way it is, and it can look lovely in everything, you just need the right tailor.

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  1. ha, yes its true! i always have to get stuff tailored. as long as you can find a good one, you are all set.