Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was asked by my new studio to create a short video clip showing some of my movement.

Attempt #1: After teaching the climb for 2 hours straight, the top of my foot somehow managed to find a very scratched up section of pole and cut myself open. Bleeding, bloody painful foot doesn't go well with attempting to film a graceful video. Abort.

Attempt #2: After bandaging up the foot, a couple days later I'm back on the horse. Set up my video camera, get some GREAT footage, 2 minutes in, the door opens, they need the studio. Sigh. Okay, fine

Attempt #3: Get to the studio. It's 90 degrees and 70% humidity outside. It's also 90 degrees and 70% humidity inside, thanks to full sunlight exposures and a studio that wasn't in use (and therefore the ACs weren't on at all that day). Have 30 minutes to try to sweat through a video that is decent enough to post on the studio website. Slipping and sliding off the pole was no fun, but here is the result of that attempt. I see a lot of flaws here but for progress, I post.


  1. he-he...and i see no flaws...just fluid movement. And for progress, you post, is a line i'm gonna use for all kinds of moments!

  2. lovely lovely vid amy! agreed with previous person that i don't see any flaws. great fluid movement. You look great and soo strong!