Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beauty secrets

So this past weekend while in Chicago, I had an amazing makeup lesson from Julia Hamilton, who is a trainer for Smashbox Cosmetics in the midwest and an absolutely ridiculously talented makeup artist. She taught me how to apply makeup to my Asian hooded mono-lids in a way that ACTUALLY looks good! She also let me in on a little trade secret:

There exists a makeup brush company out of the midwest called Crown Brush. Compare one of their "studio series" brushes to one by Stila and you will find... they are... exactly the same. Because Crown makes the private-label brushes that other companies stamp and sell! And check on Crown's website and you will find that brushes... are $2-5 each.... and those exact same brushes.... are sold for $20-30 by Stila and the other companies! So, if you don't mind having a brush without a logo on it, and are looking for high quality without the price, they are a great resource for brushes.

This 23-piece kit sells for only $55!

Too good not to share this kind of info =)

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